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A Better Word courses are designed to helps students master various writing styles. Small group sessions help build strong writing skills in the students' chosen genre of writing. Courses in the past have included: science writing, academic writing, creative writing, and creating blogs.

Email Writing

Causing a great deal of strife in workplace interactions, email writing often takes centerstage. Learn to write clear, succinct and direct emails to colleagues and superiors. 


Creative Writing

Learn to write creative pieces that include poems, short stories, personal narratives in the group settings. This is has been the flagship course and is currently in the tenth year.


Mindfulness in Writing

Learn how to be present in your practices. This course is designed for people who understand meditation and want to take their experiences to the next level through their writing. 


Write for Children

Learn how to write a children's story that children will love in this seven hour course. 


These lessons are conducted online in a small group environment. Supportive and collaborative writing environments are key to writing success. 


The course starts with an overview of the children's writing genre by weaving positive thinking into your writing journey.  And your job as a writer is to ensure you provide that positivity through your writing. 


You will receive specific writing advice about ideation, character creation and plots for outstanding stories. 


Academic Writing

Learn how to create essays that are academic in this seven hour course. 


These lessons are conducted online as interactive sessions in a small group environment. 

The course starts with an overview of academic writing and the specific style and vocabulary that defines this genre of writing. 


This step-by-step course guides you through the process of planning, researching, writing, editing and proofreading an article that meets quality writing standards. This is intended for writers who have a good command over their grammar and vocabulary.


English Grammar

This course will help you improve your English grammar in contexts requiring workplace and/or college communication. 

Starting with an assessment of your current skills, the course will train you in specific need areas where each section focuses on specific target structures to  help you speak English clearly. 

Your teacher for this course is a former IELTS 

examiner who will help you fine-tune your problem areas that are most relevant to the type of work that you do. 


Join this course if you are someone who needs help with English grammar. 

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