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    A Better Word is dedicated to helping children and adults embrace writing. 
    Using research-based writing instruction, you will learn to excel at written communication. Whether you are in school, college or have entered the professional world, at A Better Word, you will identify your strengths and your areas of improvements to get stronger and bolder as a writer. 

    What people say...

    Bangalore, India


    Student, TISB

    Attending the workshop was a rejuvenating experience, as I met several skilled writers, who are now good friends. When it came to my own learning, I feel that I have become a better and more diverse writer through the exercises and activities you set for us, and I am now thoroughly confident and proud of the work I have produced .


    The writing classes help me focus on a skill I possessed that was not academically related, which helped clear my mind as I knew that for a couple of days every week, I was devoting time to something I enjoyed doing, but seldom did.


    I am extremely grateful to you for allowing me to build my repertoire as a writer, in a manner that did not hold me back, but rather let me unleash my creativity in a structured way.


    Again, thank you for teaching me how to write things I am proud of.

    Akanksha. Senior Manager,


    Sharoon is an exceptional person and mentor and so are her workshops. The way she nudges you to think and then express is done so well that you yourself don't realise it until you read your own words after a period of time. One can easily explore and write whatever one chooses without the fear of judgement. She lets you play with words in your own way till you find your niche.Thank you Sharoon for one of its kind workshop and being there to help even after that.

    Selva, VP, Global Sales,

    Columbus AS

    After working for 25 years in the IT Industry across the world, tried to write a book and it turned to be an Operations Manual! My writing skills had to be improved along with some creativity to the story telling process. Help came through a friend and got me connected to Sharoon, resulting in a 10 weeks journey of understanding my strengths & weakness from a writing perspective. Sharoon quickly understood my areas of improvement and gave me vital feedback to get better and eventually got me writing some blogs and articles. My book will be released soon and would like to thank Sharoon for helping me out. I would strongly recommend the creative writing course conducted by Sharoon for anybody who needs help to write better and create an impact

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