Grades 4, 5 and 6

1st place: "The Staring Contest" by Dia Saini, Grade - 4, DPS, Gurgaon


2nd place: "Fight the Odds" by Tattvam Murugan, Grade - 5, DPS International, Gurgaon


3rd place: "I am Dev"by Neha Ramprasad, Grade  5, DPS Edge, Gurgaon

Grades 9 and above

1st place: "Just Another Day" by Nidhi T.A., Grade 12, DPS North, Bangalore


2nd place: "In the Spotlight" by Mrinmayi Raman, Grade 10, DPS North, Bangalore 


3rd place: "Three Coffee Cups" by Adithi Zacharias, Grade 9, DPS North, Bangalore

Special Mention

Moh Bhargava, DPS Rohini, Grade 10 "A Moment of Watershed".


Siddhanth Oleti, DPS North, Bangalore, Grade 12, "The One Who is Many".